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Everybody Has a Story

8 Circle Media is a luxury boutique marketing agency. Our company is peppered with a cohesive blend of marketing professionals.  Our principal partners possess over 30 years of experience in traditional as well as new media marketing, creative design, web development, and public relations. In the digital marketing sector 8 Circle Media provides search engine optimization, social media marketing, and search engine marketing, 8 Circle Media is dedicated to delivering quality services to clients.



We like to call ourselves “The Full Circle” for good reason.

At our core as problem solvers, we love nothing more than providing our clients with the most creative ideas as well as innovative solutions to their specific marketing needs. With years of combined marketing and public relations experience, there’s not much we haven’t seen or done before.

We like to utilize our experience, along with research and data collection, to find the obstacles  your business will face, and provide you with the insight, knowledge, and solutions to overcome such challenges. Our process is extremely beneficial to start-up companies an entrepreneurs.

8 Circle Media will give you the wise counsel needed to fully vet your new business venture, fine tune that amazing idea, and enter the market with a huge splash.

As creatives and innovators, we’re able to forecast and identify what works, and we ensure that our strategies will work for you.


We are strategists that take a holistic approach to your business. By understanding the “big picture” we are able to create and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy for your company. From concept, to implementation, follow-up and refinement.

This strategy will be base on detailed research into the desired market space, demographics from your customers, as well as your competitors. We will define where your organizations position stands in the market. We will also evaluate your competitors position — their strengths and weaknesses.

8 Circle media works well with start-ups looking for a jump start, establish businesses seeking to trigger market share, and entrepreneurs. If you partner with us you’ll see results in exposure, awareness, lift-off, and finally conversions.

8 Circle Media has the experience to help get your business on the right path, and basically, shine.




Your brand is who you are, and the design behind your brand is what speaks first.

From concept to production, simple, effective, and beautiful design permeates everything we create.  Of course, we offer the complete range of traditional design services: logos, marks, ad design, packing design, signage, and presentation material; but our real strength lies in our ability to unify you across all media. Ideas are only good as their implementation.

8 Circle Media guarantees our creative designs will speak volumes about your brand.

Public Relations

There have been few marketing foundations that have been so greatly affected by the online revolution as has public relations.

While the web has made it easy to rapidly craft and deploy press releases, it has created a situation where it is more difficult than ever to be heard. We want to be your voice. Knowing how to navigate he waters of print and online press opportunities are essential in promoting your message, and ultimately helping your business succeed.

To make sure this happens, 8 Circle Media has created a system that is the perfect blend between the use of traditional and electronic methods. Our publicists can provide your business with a full range of PR services, including reputation management, crisis management, event planning, press tour creation, and research.

In short, we can make it rain, and we do this by crafting the best message for your brand and ensuring your audience hears it.




We are a one stop shop for all your web-development, integration, content creation, and hosting needs. Your business strategy most likely wasn’t created from a one size fits all template, and your web presence shouldn’t be either.

Our team of designers, user experience gurus, programmers, and writers all work together in a unified fashion to create fully customized unique web solutions that help drive your sales and create revenue.

Every project we create is customized to address each clients specific needs. Whether its full integration with a information system that already exists, custom designs, friendly content management systems, web/photo delivery, e – commerce, our experience connected with our knowledge will help your business to quickly and cost effectively achieve its goals.

The digital age is upon us and the web means everything, so we at 8 Circle Media are here to make sure you stand out.


8 Circle Media also comes to the table as a talent Agency. We are a full service agency consisting of professional booking agents with extensive backgrounds in video, television, film, commercial print advertising, and social media. We have an active presence working with many established performers as well as many newly rising stars.

We take great pride in our dedication to working with our clients by providing them with a variety of social influencers, qualified actors, print models, voice over artists, as well as a professional group of multi talented creatives.

We work to provide resources to help create the highest quality productions and shoots possible for our clients.


Product Launch

We at 8 Circle Media pride ourselves on making sure we have the proper research done so we can establish a clear goal with where your product needs to go. We want to know who will be using your product, who will buy it, and to whom is it beneficial.

With full team support we will investigate your competition, give detailed reports, and arrange focus groups. Part of what we do here for you to get a product launch going is create a unique PR program that is catered to your exact needs. You want to hear as much buzz as possible about your product online and in the physical retail world, and we want to help push that buzz to a new level. Our main focus, with you as our client, is to make sure your main focus is the people to who you’re trying to sell to.

Let’s turn this launch into an event and draw out the suspense for as long as possible to give your customers something to talk about. It’s all about strategy, and we at 8 Circle Media have it.


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